New Platform

I wanted to try out something new so I figured this neglected blog was as good as anyplace to do it. So, welcome to the blog on a new platform, Ghost.

It seems to be fast as heck running on node.js so I'm going to kick the tires and see how it goes.

I noticed that my server change on the old blog lost some photos, I know where they are but not certain I want to go through migrating them. So you might see some old posts with missing photos. I'll figure out if that's worth fixing or


OS X - Fixing AirPrint Hobbled Printers

There’s no doubt whatsoever that AirPrint is very cool – hook up a printer to a network and your Mac or iOS device will quickly and easily find it and add it so you can print away. Easy and super for iOS devices especially. The problem is when you want to do more.

AirPrint is its own driver and feature set. So, say you have a printer with multiple trays or you want to utilize other functions of the printer? Maybe it has internal color matching? You need to use the real driver and not the AirPrint one. But how?


Band Parents - Disappear

I looked in horror at some pictures from the latest USC home game. As an alumnus of TGMBITHOTU (aka the USC Trojan Marching Band) we’ve long cried about some of  our greatest traditions that have been fouled over the years by the march of political correctness. The “Old Band” as it is often called was never politically correct and made a point not to be so. Think of it as a precursor to Reddit or Something Awful.

This photo was the last straw; the one that’s made me stop cursing under my breath in silence. It was the


Hands Off Our Holiday - Sincerely, Dads

I haven’t always been Father’s Day’s biggest fan. My grandmother suffered a massive fatal heart attack on her way to see us on Father’s Day 1983 and the holiday was tainted for the next 14 years. My son was born on Father’s Day 1997 and that greatly improved the holiday. I was lucky enough to celebrate it with my Dad whom I lost two years later.

There seems to be a kind of movement going on regarding single moms and Father’s Day. Hallmark has even put out Happy Father’s Day cards for them